4 Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh at Home.

One reason parenting can wear you out is your child’s need for constant entertainment. There’re moments when I fall flat and he remains straight-faced, others result in an eruption of acute laughter. Most often, I run dry of comedic material; there are only so many funny faces, weird dances, and puppet shows I can do before my will gives out. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, try some of the ideas below and you might have your little one laughing up a storm!

Use the mirror 

Our little guy loves the mirror- staring at it, making faces, pointing out people. Try asking “where is daddy?” (or mommy)

Make faces and funny hand gestures. Use puppets, toy cars etc. I pay the guitar, so I’ll plug in and play a song and he loves watching for some reason as I stand behind him.

Peek-a-boo 3.0 

Most kids like to play peekaboo, but you can upgrade if you’d like, to a full-blown hide and seek. Try hiding around the corner or in a dark room and call your kid in (make sure you have them engaged and that they understand you’re playing a game).

When they come looking for you, leap out and surprise him/her, then go run to the next room and let them chase you.


Pull out your phone and start filming everything. My son has a fascination with seeing himself on camera and seeing daddy there too. In fact, there is an old video of him as a baby laughing on his back that he still finds hilarious.

Baby in the Box 

Get a box that he/she can crouch down into and hide. This also serves as a form of peek-a-boo. You can surprise them as they pop up. Try putting the box on his/her head and see how they react. Our son is intrigued by random objects, despite his mountain of electronic toys.