Top 4 Kid’s Books for Your Little One AND You

It’s a challenge finding a book ( or several ) that your child likes. “How about A bears year?”

“No!” and they reach for the brightest colored cover with zero learning value.

Sound familiar?

It’s even harder discovering children’s books that won’t drive you insane after the 80th time reading it.  Isn’t it time you settled on a set of books suitable for you and your little one?

Try the four below this evening- they’re must-haves for your bookshelf.

  1.  A Bears Year

Written by Kathy Duval, this story follows a bear family as they wake from hibernation. The book spans across spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Each season, the mother bear prepares her cubs for the approaching winter by passing vital skills of climbing for honey and catching fish to her cubs.

The story emphasizes preparation for oncoming adversity and illustrates beautifully the natural world.

The color motifs stand out – patterns of green, gold, yellow, red, and snowy white and gray. It’s a perfect arch following the rise and fall of temperature, of plants and trees, and forest life.

As an adult, I can appreciate the inherent message. The story is sweet and genuine, and for a kid’s book, very impactful!

2. Good Night Moon

Some books stand the test of time. Goodnight moon has got to be the ultimate go to sleep story for my son.

It was even my favorite book when I was his age. If you’re unfamiliar, the story is simple – a little rabbit is winding down for bed and the narrator gently says goodnight to several objects in and out of the room.

It’s soft, gentle, and leads your child to the pillow after a long day of learning.

3.  Never Touch a Dragon

This fun short book explores the alternatives to touching a dragon. The kicker is, each illustration of a dragon has a tactile element. For example, a bumpy rubber piece that kids can run their fingers over, covering the dragon’s body.

The book gives kids the experience of interacting with the story by touch, and the illustration is done in a funny way that’ll keep you ( the adult) entertained. Try it out tonight!

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Kind of like Good Night Moon, the Very Hungry Caterpillar has been around for decades and has the same charm it had at its conception.

A little caterpillar hatches from his egg in the light of the moon. He explores the world hungry and eats his way through a wad of ice cream, pickles, cheese, and salami.

There’s a message about overindulgence and the consequences of it. He later eats a leaf and feels much better, and then, spoiler alert, he becomes a butterfly!

The illustrations, I think, are one component that holds your child’s attention. With bright greens, oranges, reds, and yellows, all done like a cute finger painting, your child will relate.

The moral of the story doesn’t go unnoticed that we all over do it some times, and there are often repercussions. Try reading this story at bedtime and after a nice bath for an easier, calmer evening.

These are just my suggestions, but they seem to work well with my boy. Based on the reviews of these books, others seem to agree. But it’s a trial and error kind of thing, you may spend time on Amazon, a lot of time, trying to select the right story, so patience is key!